The Euro 2012 Championship in general: how it was


The 2012 European Football Championship was held. This event is always considered to be a highlight in sports life due to the fact that the "Euro" is the third most important in the world. The Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup are the first and second place respectively.

The Euro 2012 Championship was held in two countries - Poland and Ukraine. The general conditions for the preparation for the tournament were quite difficult, as the championship was held in the immediate aftermath of the global economic crisis that occurred in 2008-2012.

There were both financial and organizational problems on the part of Ukraine. And in 2009 there was no budget financing for infrastructure upgrades at all. The situation was solved only in 2010, the country was able to meet the deadlines and fully prepare for the championship.

The tournament organizers chose the most developed in terms of tourism and sports infrastructure of the city for the matches. In Poland were selected: Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk. Ukrainian cities were envisaged: Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Donetsk.

Interesting facts about Euro 2012

The teams of 16 European countries took part in the tournament. During the draw, all teams were divided into 4 groups, but the third group deserves special attention.

It featured Greece and Portugal as Euro 2004 finalists. This indicates that teams such as the Netherlands, Spain and Germany have improved their rank so much that they have been able to oust the Portuguese and Greeks from Olympus.

Particularly noteworthy is the match of the third round of Ukraine-France, which took place in Donetsk. It was he who became the reason for the conversation among Ukrainian fans upon completion:

This episode practically put a cross on the international career of Hungarian arbitrator Victor Kashshai.

Financial aspects of the Championship

During Euro 2012, micro-credits have become a popular way for football fans to earn extra money. This is due to the high cost of transport, lodging and meals at the championship.

True fans were not interested in bank credit. But online credit has allowed many people to buy tickets to the match and buy souvenirs.