About Donetsk Carriers for Euro 2012

Shuttle Bus for Euro 2012

Donetsk carriers were actively preparing for the Euro 2012 championship, as a huge influx of fans and fans of football from almost all over the world was expected. Donmiskpastrans has determined how many vehicles will operate in the city at the time of football matches: June 11, 15, 19 and 27.

All this was done so that residents of Donetsk, as well as guests from other countries, did not have problems with public transport. Considering how loud and iconic the Euro 2012 event is, all the assumptions turned out to be correct.

During football matches, absolutely all public transport worked intensively and around the clock. That is, fans could use any vehicle for 24 hours - throughout the day when the football match was played. Also, public transport continued to be active for 12 hours the next day. In general, trams, trolleybuses, buses and shuttle buses operated 36 days without breaks and breaks these days.

For all this time in the city worked:

If there were fans in the city who had a ticket to a football match with them, then public transportation was free on the day of the event.

Features of transportation of fans

In total, the city received about 22,000 football fans arriving by air through the international airport. Before the arrival of the guests, Donmiskpastrans planned to change the route of the bus 73 stamps:

Carriers also launched about 91 Shuttle Bus units - buses that transport fans from the airport to the Euro 2012 Fan Zone. The vehicles started moving every two minutes. If football fans had tickets to the match, they could go for free. For all other fans wishing to use the services of the Shuttle bass, the fare was 1.5 UAH.

The Shuttle Bass parking lot was located at the airport terminal. In the same place was an area where additional vehicles were provided: they were used by the staff who served the Euro-2012 European Football Tournament.

Who provided the financing for the purchase of the Shuttle-Bus

Various lending organizations assisted with the organization of the event, as well as providing credit for business on favorable terms. With his help it was possible to purchase the necessary number of vehicles that were eventually used to transport fans and guests of the city.

Private investors interested in supporting the Euro 2012 football championship should also be mentioned. They also provided some kind of credit for the purchase of the Shuttle bass. In Donetsk, Shuttle Bus vehicles became the optimal choice for carriers as they were better than standard buses. They developed better speeds, were more powerful, and provided maximum comfort for people inside.