About Donetsk public transport to Euro 2012

About Donetsk public transport to Euro 2012

In Donetsk, during the Euro 2012 championship, special rules for the use of public transport and minibuses were established. This also applies to taxi trips, as these vehicles were used to comfortably transport Donetsk residents and visitors to the main venues related to Euro 2012.

The corresponding schedules were on the vehicles and indicated the appropriate route to these or other championship venues. During the tournament, public transport worked very intensively, and if on any given day there was any match, he walked around the clock.

Fans who bought tickets to a football game that day were able to use public transportation for free, among other things. This rule applied to trams, trolleybuses, buses and minibuses, but not to taxis. The right of such public transportation was valid for 24 hours before the match, and also for 12 hours after its completion - only 36 hours.

The same was true for tram route № 1, as well as trolleybuses and buses with route № 2.

Rules of travel by public transport from the airport

If the fans arrived in Donetsk by air, a special route was prepared for them. A bus number 73 is included, as well as any of the available taxis. So the fans could get to the city center. This public transport was available around the clock.

If a Euro 2012 match is scheduled for this day, fans will be transported directly to the stadium via a separate route: "Airport - City Center - Fan Zone".

Fight against possible congestion of the urban transport network

During the 2012 Euro Championships, special parking areas were located at the entrances to the city. Fans who decided to come to the football game on their cars could leave vehicles there. The parking lots were guarded around the clock, and on the day when any Euro 2012 football match was played, these sites worked without interruption.

In total, two parking lots were created so that they could "intercept" fans at the southern and northern entrance to Donetsk.

Also for the convenience of residents and visitors of the city was designed a special route intended for pedestrians. It was 5 kilometers long: "Fan Zone" - the city center - the stadium "Donbass Arena". Distinctive signs were installed throughout the highway that indicated the route to the main Euro 2012 venues as well as public transport stops.

The walking route was laid through:

Financing of transport infrastructure

The interest-free credit provided by the credit institutions helped achieve these goals. Also, do not forget about the assistance of private investors and the state budget, which has allocated a lot of money to equip the city for the Euro-2012.

Lending deserves special attention, as it was the loans that helped the city to prepare for the tournament. In this regard, the burden on the state budget was significantly reduced, and the event was maximally impactful.